Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Help Fellow Mortals Save Its Easement

     Fellow Mortals  see the best of humanity, the most caring, compassionate people who make the effort to stop and rearrange their day when they find an injured or orphaned creature in need of help.
    Unfortunately, the world can also be cruel.  American Transmission Company ATC is a for-profit company that is clear-cutting its easements (which act as a shelter for the injured animals at Fellow Mortals) as a matter of policy – not because it is required by federal or state government, but in an attempt to improve its bottom line.  This fact has been confirmed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. 

     ATC wants to clear cut wide areas of natural forest growth way beyond any reasonable need.  For decades, whenever necessary, Wisconsin Power and Light and its successors would contact property owners about trees growing to close to the power lines and then simply trim the offending trees.  This caused no problem. Now that ATC has control they see no wrong in clear cutting more than 85-foot width of their easements even if it needlessly destroys beautiful forest growth including a hundred year old spruce tree. 

     ATC has a legal easement.  The easement given decades ago in a simpler time – when people believed naively that no unfair advantage would be taken of a deal fairly made – is being exploited fully today in a time where personal freedom and enjoyment of private property is seen as subservient to the policy of a for profit enterprise that saves money for its investors. 
     If you care about wildlife and the environment, if you care about rural communities and small nonprofits that help without charging a fee – if it makes you angry when big business exploits their privileges without any regard for people whose property and privacy are ruined – please speak out for Fellow Mortals. 

     ATC enjoys ‘Green Tier Status,’ granted in 2005.  If you agree that this company is being anything but a superior environmental supporter – please write and respectfully ask that the WI Dept of Natural Resources examine their relationship with this company.   
     Please send your respectful questions or comments to:
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources   http://dnr.wi.gov/
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission          http://www.ferc.gov/
Wisconsin Public Service Commission             http://psc.wi.gov/

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sand Cloud Gives Back To The Environment

Sand Cloud gives back to the Environment! 

Sand Cloud beach towels are a product of a San Diego based company that produces a line of stylish, comfortable Turkish Cotton blankets, beach bags, and accessories.  Whether you’re looking for a beach blanket, beach sarong, yoga blanket or wall d├ęcor, then check out the selection at SandClouds.com. 

About the Brand:
The inspiration behind Sand Cloud is the beach lifestyle.  The beach means freedom, and communing with nature.  The beach lifestyle is one that you never grow out of. 

Sand Cloud has over 10K members who help spread the message about this amazing brand.  Founded on Instagram and Snapchat, Sand Cloud is looking for ambassadors who share the same ideals and can truly represent the product.

Giving Back:
When you purchase a Sand Cloud product, you help to preserve and protect beaches, oceans, and Marine Life.  10% of net profits are donated to organizations that are committed to raising awareness for key issues involving preservation of marine life and the environment.

  • Pocket Towels are great for storing your valuables while you’re at the beach. ($42..)
  • Beach Blankets are Hand-loomed in Turkey, 50% Bamboo Cotton, 50% Turkish Cotton  ($47)
  • Roundie Towel, 100% Turkish cotton, great party towel ($99)
  • Beach Bag Towel,  hands free beach bag and towel all in one ($42-$70)
  • Save the Fishies Water Bottle and I Phone Case …Super cute

Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Hat Trick" Hats

Hand Painted Hawks sign $50
Always believe th
e Blackhawks are the Stanley Cup champions until they’re not, even if they’re down three games to one in a playoff series."  I couldn't have said it better myself!  Getting ready for Game 7 on Monday and hoping the Hawks perform another miracle on the ice.  

     Three goals in a hockey game is a special feat - so special that fans throw hats onto the ice.  A hat trick during a play off series is even more spectacular.  I often wondered what happens to all those hats thrown on the ice.  The answer varies depending on the NHL organization.  Some players will keep the hats, some are donated,
thrown in the garage or kept in display cases by the organization.

Wells Fargo Center
     Flyers have a display case that holds all the hats along with a plaque with the players name.

Columbus Blue Jackets Hat Trick Bin
~Ottawa allows fans to get their hats back otherwise they get donated to charity.  

~ Caroline Hurricanes have donated hats to a Children's Hospital.

~Pittsburgh Penguins allowed a fan (boy scout) to have the hats and he started a program called - H4H (Hats for Humanity).  The hats are cleaned and shipped to less fortunate people.

     How great it would be if all NHL organizations donated the hat trick hats to people in need.  It's unfortunate that many organizations still throw the hats away.  One of hockey's greatest traditions that started back in the 50's will always be a part of the game.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Paws & Claws

Cats are digitigrades?  What that means is that cats stand and walk on their toes or digits.  The benefit of being digitigrades allows cats to move more quietly and quickly when compared to other walking animals.   

Cats have 5 TOES in the front paws and 4 in the back.  Genetic mutations can cause
polydactylyism in cats, which results in extra toes.

Tough PADS protect against punctures when walking, but insulation not so much.  Pads have touch receptors that allow kitty to sense the texture, location, and viability of it's prey.  Hot and cold are easily detected.

Sweat glands on their paws help keep body temperature balanced.  An anxious cat will leave behind paw prints especially during a trip to the vets office.  

Your cat's pads will often be the same color as his fur.  Black cats have black pads, grey cats have greyish pads, and multicolored cats - well anything goes.  

Protractable claws are made of a protein called keratin, and grow continuously.  The claws are kept retracted in a skin sheath, under the toe pads.  Cats will scratch whatever is in front of them to keep their claws sharp and ready to attack their prey.  

Massage your cat’s paws. You will be handling your cat’s paws on a regular basis to care for them properly, so she will need to get comfortable with this handling. Gently massaging your cat’s paws is a great way to do this. Pick a time to massage her paws when she is most likely to be relaxed, such as after a meal. Position her comfortably in your lap

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Dark Truth

     How many of you have had Dark Circles under your eyes your entire life? The thought of taking a “Selfie” is just not in my vocabulary.  I would like to say it’s due to my age (40 something!), but I can remember having this problem as far back as high school. 

     For those of you who shop at stores like Ulta or Sephora you know there is a vast difference in cosmetic products.  You can spend up to $100 for a small bottle of eye serum or head over to the other end of the store and find a less expensive product double in size and claiming to do the exact same thing. 

     We all want that cover girl look so we read beauty magazines, watch makeup tutorials, and searching the Internet for products claiming to fix or hide our “imperfections.”   I decided to splurge and put a few of those products to the test.

     I was looking for an under eye product to help with fine lines, dark circles and help with dry skin.  Below is a list of products I personally put to the test…

Product:  Exuviance Hydrating Eye Complex - $42 (0.5 oz)

Details:   Reduce the signs of aging in the delicate eye area.  Packed with nourishing emollients, antioxidants, moisturizers, vitamins….eyes will experience a soothing feeling of this hydrating lift eye complex. 
My Opinion:  After several weeks I did not see any changes.  In fact the product would flake off – almost like when your tan starts to peel.  Returned for a refund.

Product:  Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer -$29

Details:   Silky primer infused with 10 breakthrough benefits to address everyday eye woes.  Keeps concealer looking fresh-never cakey or settled into fine lines.
My Opinion:  New to Smashbox products I thought why not lets see what the hype is all about.  I have to be honest I didn’t try it long enough to see the immediate benefits. I can tell you for me this primer brought out the fine lines.  The concealer seemed to settle into those nasty cracks. Returned for a refund.

Product:  Benefits It’s potent! Dark circle eye cream - $34 

Details:  Fades dark circles and helps smooth fine lines for brighter, younger looking eyes.  Contains a peptide complex known to help restore elasticity and firmness…
My Opinion:  I used the entire jar of “It’s potent" and did not notice any improvements with fine lines or dark circles.  I also did not find it to be hydrating. 

     My favorite product thus far is my Vitamin E Stick by Reviva and it only costs $2.39!!  This is a great lip and under eye protection that moisturizes, soothes and protects against dryness and sun or wind damage.  I have found that it reduces the fine lines and my concealer goes on smoothly.   You can also purchase a bottle of Nature Made Vitamin E 400 IU, puncture a hole in the capsule and dab a small amount under the eye.  Vitamin E repairs traumatized skin cells, which restores collagen, fades age spots and heals scarring. 

     While I’m not so sure I’ll ever find the miracle cure for those dark circles and fine lines my hunt continues.  There are a few more brands on my hit list such as ( Murad, Philosophy, Peter Thomas Roth and Algenist).  Until then I will stick with my $2 tube of Vitamin E.   We all have different skin and what might not work for me could possibly work wonders for you, but we can all benefit from sharing our opinions.